Simple Notes - A note taking application.

An application to organize study notes for students. Features an editor that supports markdown with a live preview and autosave feature. Notes can be compiled down and exported to multiple formats (pdf, html, md, docx).

Technologies: Node.JS, Nest.JS, Express, Angular, TypeScript, TypeOrm, PostreSQL

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Node Realtime Chat Application

Created a room based, realtime chat application using Socket.IO. Users can either generate a random UUID room or give a name. Others with that room name can join and chat. Chat messages are not persisted and disappear after they are sent to connected users in the room.

Technologies: Node.JS, Express, SocketIO, JavaScript, Angular, TypeScript

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Linux Server Setup

Blog & Project Server on Linode

Future Plans: I’m currently learning Docker and containerization. I will be containerizing the Nginx server, the Jenkins server, the blog, and the chat application as a learning project.


Grow System

Hyrdoponics Automation Project

This is a personal project aimed to automate growing hydroponic plants. It uses a Raspberry PI 3 with various sensors to collect data to display in a Angular dashboard. Also uses relay to allow toggle lights, fan, nutrient pumps through the web interface.

Technologies: Node.JS, Express, Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, MQTT

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UI Screenshots