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Creating an Angular Component Library - Alert Component

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The first component we are going to create for our library is an alert component. Alerts are a common component used to notify the user that something has change or maybe an error occured or even a valididation constraint failed on a form. A full screen demo of what we’re going to build ¬†Prerequisites Install Node Install Angular CLI Creating an Angular Component Library - Workspace Setup OR Clone this github repository ¬†Generating Our Alert Component We will need to generate a new module along with a component in our library project.

Creating an Angular Component Library - Workspace Setup

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One fairly recent feature with Angular is the ability to generate libraries with the Angular CLI. A library is essentially a group of components, directives, service, pipes, interceptors, etc that allows for maximum code reuse by installing the library in multiple applications, think DRY principles. This next post we will setup a workspace to create a reusable component library and in subsequest post we will cover creating some components for our library.