Setting Up a Node & TypeScript Project - Initial Setup

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This post is geared towards developers looking to start using TypeScript in their Node projects. Over this post and the subsequent posts we’ll be diving into setting up a Node project with Typescript from scratch. We’ll cover setting up a git reposotory, initializing the project with npm and tsc, setting up common tooling, configuring express, and accessing data from a database with TypeORM.  Prerequisites Install Node Install Git  Setting Up The Initial Project First we will setup/initialize our git repository.

Angular 8 Creating a Generic Crud Service

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GITHUB: https://github.com/jmw5598/angular-generic-crud-service  If you come from a strongly type language background such as Java or C#, you’re probably familiar with the concept of Generics. In this post I’m going to explore using generics to created a reusable crud service in Angular. When creating a REST API there is generally a repetitive pattern in how paths to endpoints are created. For example we commonly use the same path as a base changing only the HTTP method to perform different operations.