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Creating an Angular Dashboard Layout - Content Grid

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The next thing we need for our dashboard layout is some sort of grid that we can use to layout our pages. In the past it was common to use a CSS grid library, bootstrap probably being the most popular. Now that we have CSS Grid, building a grid with pure CSS is relatively easy. We are going to build reusable Angular grid components for our dashboard. Each grid cell will be customizable in that we will be able to specify how many columns and rows to span by using element attributes.

Creating an Angular Dashboard Layout - Theming

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In the previous post we put together our dashboard layout component containing our bare layout frame. Now we are going to be putting together a couple components to use with our framing. Hopefully by the end of this post, you’ll have a good idea of how we can swap out different styled navigation bars and side panels. A full screen demo of what we’re going to build  Prerequisites Install Node Install Angular CLI Creating an Angular Dashboard Layout - Framing OR Clone this github repository  Create a Shared Module Before we start creating our components, we are going to create a shared module.

Creating an Angular Dashboard Layout - Framing

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If you ever search the for a dashboard layout you’ve probably come across fully themed out templates or a large library to construct your own dashboard but what if we only wanted just a simple structure where we could provide our own themed components. Something that wouldn’t required a large library import or excessively overriding css classes. Well, that’s what we’re going to build out next. A dashboard layout usually consists of a side panel with a navigation bar and a main content section.